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The Avira company provides services for the production of doors for sliding wardrobes. 
 Modern technologies in the furniture industry are developing at an incredible speed. The time has passed when there were only two options for doors (mirrored and deaf) for a wardrobe. Today, there are many options for finishing and design facades.
Wardrobe doors can be made with different inserts in one frame. For example: chipboard + mirror, photo printing + chipboard, glass + leather, etc.
 Doors that are divided into different inserts are called  combined.  The design of compartment doors can be matched by a combination of inserts or patterns on the glass and mirror.  Inserts can be combined both diagonally and parallel, it all depends on the tasks.
  Also, the color of the profile of the compartment doors can be attributed to the design elements. ( Aluminum profile )
 You can choose almost any door design.  Regardless of the type, any sliding doors of our production are equipped with all the necessary fittings.

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